What are Vein Cut (VC) and Cross Cut (CC)?

Thursday, 27 July 2023

Vein cut - "against the vein" - occurs when the slab is cut parallel to the natural bedding plane. Mineral veins can either run vertically or along the length of the marble slabs. This type of cut highlights lines or layers of compressed sediment in varying shades of darker or lighter colors, which share similar hues rather than distinct differences.

Cross cut - “with the vein" - happens when the slab is cut perpendicular to the natural bedding. In other words, it is sliced at a 90-degree angle from a vein-cut slab. The mineral veins and layers of the stone in a cross-sectional view create the swirly or cloudy appearance characteristic of marble. This type of cut produces a combination of darker and lighter shades within the same slab.


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