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Tetyana Kovalenko, Elite Stone's CEO Marble is like a diamond: absolutely perfect when the color is right, without defects, has large dimensions and is worked properly. When one of these features is missing, it immediately loses value Tetyana Kovalenko

ES Atelier, part of the Elite Stone group, completes the natural stone transformation cycle. This branch of the company is dedicated to the engineering and realization of the most exclusive projects in the world, starting from the raw material of the group. Precious marbles require specific knowledge to create objects and high-value projects according to their know-how. Certainly, a mass production approach is not suitable for such a precious material. This new reality is therefore born from the CEO\'s desire to provide a complete service and professional consultation. ES Atelier provides a 360-degree support for the designer and the client, starting from the development of an idea or concept design by the client, then moving on to its concrete realization through engineering, design, and production until the installation in its final location. An internal team of engineers, technicians and architects with a deep knowledge of marble is available to the client to respond to a complete range of needs and develop a unique project. It is extremely important for us to dedicate time to understanding the client\'s preferences and discovering exactly what they want in order to offer surprising and tailored solutions, a must for those who love luxury and aspire to perfection.

E-Light System translucent stone solution

E-Light System

ES Atelier presents an innovative and technological way of promoting and displaying a material of unmistakable allure.

E-Light is a Made in Italy backlighting system for marble and onyx, based on over 10 years of research and experimentation in the field of lightened stone.

A new approach to the beauty of marble, a product designed by nature to adapt perfectly to human creativity.

E-Light is a thin assembly element, obtained by the lamination process of marble / onyx with glass and assemblage with a luminous transmittance LED panel. The extraordinary versatility of this innovative solution can be applied in various architectural and interior design decisions where the transparency, light weight and super-slim thickness of the back-lit stone, become an essence for creation of luxurious and suggestive environments of incomparable aesthetic value.