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Our enchanting onyx and marble iceboxes, combining beauty and modernity in addition to an elitist tone, give a unique touch to living environments. A combination of classicism of marbles and onyxes combined with the modernity of design that makes our iceboxes suitable for any type of environment, from private environments to the HO.RE.CA sector. high level. The perfect synthesis of craftsmanship and contemporaneity for a new luxury experience.

Set of coffee cups and plates that combine the elegance of marble and modern design, a new way of drinking coffee, tasting not only the aroma of coffee, but at the same time savoring the elegance and royalty of our set .

Set of bathroom accessories made of different precious materials, such as marble and onyx. Furnishing elements with soft and elegant shapes, capable of giving personality and class to the bathroom. A new way of experiencing the bathroom, a timeless place where the captivating contemporary design and the ancient royalty of the materials come together in an elegant and suspended in time environment.

  • ES 100-000 IT Liquid soap dispenser in White Onyx
  • ES 100-001 IT Soap Holder in White Onyx
  • ES100-002 IT toothbrush holder in White Onyx
  • ES 100-003 IT Container for Cotton Fioc in White Onyx
  • ES 100-008 IT Liquid soap dispenser in Coral Black Onyx
  • ES 100-009 IT Soap dish in Coral Black Onyx
  • ES 100-010 IT toothbrush holder in Coral Black Onyx
  • ES 100- 011 IT container for Cotton Fioc in Coral Black Onyx

The beauty and elegance of marble blend with the dynamism and strength of the shapes of the Jaguar, the beauty of marble joins the most advanced technologies to give voice to artistic genius: a triptych of inlaid slabs of Calacatta Borghini and Pietra Fossena combined glass and integrated with an illuminated panel are dressed in natural charm. A natural painting that represents the strength and mysteriousness of life, the mysterious and strong figure of the jaguar dominates the scene, projecting the viewer into a dimension of peace and mystery. A magnificent decorative installation, but also an ideal solution to give living environments a warm and soft light. 

Art installation that combines the elegance and beauty of black Sahara marble with the strength and dynamism of the wild world of the great African plains. The Sahara Noir zebra artistic installation combines the static nature of marble with the dynamism and freedom of the zebra streaks, it is a wonderful piece of contemporary art that is part of the new Sauvage Collection, where a spectacular triptych of slabs masters design combined with exotic materials and luxurious. It is suitable for creating luxurious furnishings for high-end residences, hotels and commercial environments.

An installation that enhances the open-book Calacatta Borghini marble in which creativity overcomes the very limits of stone. An engaging result that follows the lines given by the veins drawn by nature. The slabs were broken down and reconstructed in staggered levels with the intention of recreating a three-dimensional sculpture that comes to life in a harmonious movement of ethereal lights. The originality distinguishes the Marble Puzzle, with a high possibility of customizing the environments with a playful mood of a material that surpasses its own essence.

Decorative panel made of Limestone, representing a natural forest scene. This bas-relief is an excellent piece of furniture especially for large and bright rooms. This bas-relief combines the stillness of the stone with the vibrant liveliness of the vine in the forests, in fact the graphic elements represented are in constant movement, projecting the observer into Amazonian forests or reeds teeming with life. This decorative panel with its details is suitable both for interior decoration in private environments and as a decorative element in the world of hospitality. Available in different sizes and textures on request.

Jaqueline is a modern mirror made with a spectacular and very high-quality onyx with a bronze metallic finish and led panels for the backlighting that with an aged effect gives a “belle époque” look to living and relaxing environments. Suitable for creating a refined environment and an elegant atmosphere for private residences, hotels, and commercial environments. Available in different materials and sizes.