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Our enchanting onyx and marble iceboxes, combining beauty and modernity in addition to an elitist tone, give a unique touch to living environments. A combination of classicism of marbles and onyxes combined with the modernity of design that makes our iceboxes suitable for any type of environment, from private environments to the HO.RE.CA sector. high level. The perfect synthesis of craftsmanship and contemporaneity for a new luxury experience.

Set of coffee cups and plates that combine the elegance of marble and modern design, a new way of drinking coffee, tasting not only the aroma of coffee, but at the same time savoring the elegance and royalty of our set .

Set of bathroom accessories made of different precious materials, such as marble and onyx. Furnishing elements with soft and elegant shapes, capable of giving personality and class to the bathroom. A new way of experiencing the bathroom, a timeless place where the captivating contemporary design and the ancient royalty of the materials come together in an elegant and suspended in time environment.

  • ES 100-000 IT Liquid soap dispenser in White Onyx
  • ES 100-001 IT Soap Holder in White Onyx
  • ES100-002 IT toothbrush holder in White Onyx
  • ES 100-003 IT Container for Cotton Fioc in White Onyx
  • ES 100-008 IT Liquid soap dispenser in Coral Black Onyx
  • ES 100-009 IT Soap dish in Coral Black Onyx
  • ES 100-010 IT toothbrush holder in Coral Black Onyx
  • ES 100- 011 IT container for Cotton Fioc in Coral Black Onyx