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ALLIGATOR TABLE - design by Tetyana Kovalenko

The creation of this sculptural work is the result of the study of the universe of the Alligator, transforming a piece of material into an expression, an emotion, a meaning: the goal is born to produce a three-dimensional marble shape, complex and suggestive with quality workmanship and finishing by hand, creating the uniqueness of the object.

This sculpture experiences the potential of transformations: from an initial marble element, after the cutting operations and subsequent processing, a scenographic work is obtained.

An iconic piece has been created keeping the imposing appearance thanks to the thickness of the material with an intriguing design that sends us back and represents the soul of a residence of a cultured traveler and lover of beauty.

The final result is therefore a complex and intriguing confirmation of tactile and visual luxury: marble in its materiality.

Alligator, a large table with elegant and refined lines, is part of a range of products made of fine materials designed for the living and dining area, with a decidedly cosmopolitan taste to be inserted in contemporary location and also created for conference rooms.

The base of the table is made of steel with a delabrè finish with a triangular section, while the polished surface exhibit the water in motion with the presence of the Alligator that partially blows out like in Nature. It is proposed in a rectangular version with a slightly rounded line at the corners.

W 3000 x D 1400 x H 740

Breccia Pontificia round table

A round table that is architecturally inspired to a contemporary style that can be made in different sizes and materials with a metal base with a triangular shape profile that can realized in different finishes for bespoke requests. Dimensions diam.1600 / 870

Lemurian square table

Square table in contemporary style produced in different sizes and materials on request with legs in lacquered wood and metal also available with different finishing.
Dimensions 1400/870

Using only the finest materials Elite Stone have designed various tables from small coffee tables suitable for use in any living room space, to large dining room and meeting room tables making it the star of the room.

Our use of various materials from all around the world offer a truly eye catching piece of art; unique and timeless.

Elite Stone Gallery offer high quality bespoke tables in Marbles and Onyx’s – using the latest technologies to give you a totally unique table to stand out in any space.

All of our items are Made in Italy produced by the best Artisans.

Calacatta Borghini  square table

Square table in contemporary style produced in different sizes and materials on request with legs in lacquered wood and metal also available with different finishing.
Dimensions 1400/870

A collection of tables with strong geometric lines defined by an unusual and very elegant combination of materials: onatural stone combined with metal pedestal.
The table has an amazzonite top and the solid and elegant metal structure parts, with different finishing. Top 2 cm thick.

Emerald Dream Table has a round top shape and sculptural dimensions with details in metal with different finishing on requests.
 It is an elegant table for private residence, hospitality and retail DIM. Top Ø 160

Materico e prezioso, Multicolor Onyx square table  è un tavolo capace di creare un’atmosfera lussuosa nell’ambiente in cui si trova, sia esso un ingresso o una sala da pranzo.È realizzato con un piano quadrato  in pregiati onici, spessore 2cm.La base si compone  in metallo con preziosa finitura galvanica 

This spectacular coffee table , a root wood base combined with precious Amber Onyx, a timeless contemporary materspiece perfect for private residence and hotellery.

Dressing table

Our Pettineuses in Pink Onyx, Sodalite, Amazonite, Jasper, Lemurian and Portoro; are fabulous design objects for a woman who loves unique and precious materials, which are always present in Elite Stone creations. Elegant and sophisticated objects made with the excellent selection of marble and semi-precious stones in glossy lacquered finish and customizable metal details in chrome, nickel, gold or lacquered finish.

The dressing table is completed by a matching seat upholstered in velvet or leather, with the possibility of further materials for bespoke requests.