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The secret of success is to love what you do, to follow a dream, a vision, to do nothing for the money Tetyana Kovalenko

Elite Stone Group

An ever-evolving story

Leader in the global luxury stone sector, supplier of the most prestigious projects, point of reference for the most important architectural firms, synonymous with “Made in Italy” quality and beauty, Elite Stone S.r.l. was founded in 2007 by the creativity and inspiration of Tetyana Kovalenko in Carrara.

Among the Apuan Alps white mountains, a true love for the most luxurious marble in the world blossoms.
Here relationships and collaborations are established and developed with the quarries of the Tuscan territory, in particular with one of the most important quarries in the area – Calacatta Borghini.
From Carrara Elite Stone supplies fine white marble to international distributors for projects of great value, including the Mariinsky Theater with its 4,000 m2 of backlit onyx facades, shopping malls, presidential palaces and many private projects.

Italian white marbles

In 2013 the head office moved to the Verona area, the second largest Italian center in the stone sector, which offers interesting opportunities to meet artists, architects, craftsmen and interior designers operating in the world of stone. The new headquarters opens new opportunities on the European market and brings Carrara to Verona.

Elite Stone in fact, since 2013, boasts the largest collection of Italian white marbles at its headquarters.

ES Atelier

The continuous collaboration with architectural studios and the involvement in ever more important projects make it necessary to create a new project department.

In 2015 ES Atelier evolved a company of professionals and craftsmen with the aim of designing and creating marble projects of great value. In these years, several important high-tech projects such as Kotel Sinagogue Jerusalem and many others are being implemented.

At the same time, the refined showroom dedicated to luxury projects, high technology applied to marble and sublime interiors was also born in Verona. In the same flourishing year, ES Atelier creates a line of backlit furnishing accessories, perfect for delightful and luxurious environments, characterized by a high tech system, presented for the first time at the Salone Del Mobile in Milan.

In 2020 the headquarters moved to a new single location in the Verona area – 17,000 m2 of internal exhibition space and 50,000 m2 of incredibly suggestive external area.

Here one of the largest collections of Italian marbles, slabs and blocks is exhibited, gathered in one place to be admired and selected for prestigious projects, yachts, private jets or luxurious villas. In this space open to all creatives and lovers of beauty, it is possible to admire the most beautiful and precious slabs, dream and imagine.

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New Opening

Dubai showroom

Another new challenge for ES is the opening of the new headquarters in Dubai in 2023: for the first time a direct Italian manufacturer opens its own showroom and warehouse containing about 50,000 square meters of slabs rigorously produced by the parent company in Italy, an exhibition space of the most beautiful and luxurious slabs destined for valuable projects in the Middle East area.

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Calacatta Quarry Calacatta Quarry Calacatta Quarry Calacatta Quarry
Elite Stone Group

Tetyana Kovalenko

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more – you are a leader. John Quincy Adams Our founder

A top-ranked Geology graduate from Rome and a talented expert in marble, onyx and quartzite, she is the beating heart of Elite Stone.

Tetyana Kovalenko’s passion for ornamental stone and design blossomed during her studies in Rome and has now led her to become a leading figure in the marble world, earning a solid reputation as an expert in evaluating the finest marbles.

All of Elite Stone’s marble lots are personally selected and evaluated by Tetyana.

Her extensive experience in basic technical and scientific preparation in marble projects makes her a valuable consultant and partner to the world’s leading design studios.

“A company does not consist of just one person” is a phrase Tetyana said to her team during Elite Stone’s 15th birthday company party, and it has become the Team’s motto.

Elite Stone boasts of a team of marble experts consisting of geologists, engineers, architects, surveyors, interior designers, craftsmen, and a sales department that speaks more than 10 languages.

Our values

Nature paints the best masterpieces for us

The great passion for natural stone, beauty and design, the continuous pursuit of perfection and customer satisfaction are the Fil Rouge of our company.

We have always searched for unique and exclusive materials for our collection, drawing inspiration from nature to develop new technologies, introducing new marbles to the market, supplying the most audacious and extraordinary projects, with the goal of enhancing the beauty of natural stone through all possible means and respecting the environment.

Our deep knowledge of raw materials allows us today to be among the world leaders in luxury range.

In the showroom located in Verona, the company displays a line of design products created from the recovery of waste materials, and today we can say that our company recovers all the marble.

Elite Stone Philosophy Elite Stone Philosophy Elite Stone Philosophy Elite Stone Philosophy

For our collection, we select the finest raw material in blocks from the group’s quarries and all over the world, evaluate and transform them into unique slabs for their beauty and rarity.

Each slab is entirely produced in Italy according to the highest standards with particular attention to the beauty and uniqueness of every single material.

Our experts work to satisfy our clients in realizing their dreams, designing and advising on the most beautiful projects, studying every single detail.

Driven and motivated by the desire to create unique works, projects that embody luxury and perfection, and satisfy our clients day by day, we take big steps forward in researching new technologies, rare materials, and service quality.