Calacatta renoir/silver portoro door

We combine imagination and design in an exciting creative game with stone, to create unique and unrepeatable furnishing elements. The peacock onyx sliding door encloses this, the perfect combination of fantasy and design. An innovative design solution designed to create a sense of nobility and mystery to the living room furniture thanks to a play of chiaroscuro that gives depth and character to the environment. The Door solution in Calacatta Renoir / Silver Portoro also enhances the rooms by maximizing the effect of the open stain of the marbles, which enchants the observer like a modern art painting.

Made according to the exclusive Elite Stone E-light System, presented here in an armored window solution, they immediately distinguish the character of the interiors of the space they delimit.

Status Symbol for the entrance of sophisticated private residences, luxury hotels and exclusive retail spaces, possibly also in the form of backlit surfaces, create distinctive atmospheres even in outdoor spaces at nightfall.

Each furnishing product is designed to be made to measure and upon request in the choice of materials and sizes.