Arabescato Orobico Marble Arabescato Orobico Marble Arabescato Orobico Marble Arabescato Orobico Marble

Arabescato Orobico Marble

A black arabesque marble. Arabescato Orobico is an Italian marble extracted for over a hundred years in the quarries of the Orobie Alps in northern Italy. This prestigious marble belongs to the group of Arabesque marbles. It is a black pastel marble with polychromy and veins in shades of dark and light gray that form a design of great impact. The Arabescato Black Orobico marble is suitable for any use, from interior design to exterior coverings, from cladding to paving, due to its ease of installation. As a glossy marble, this black marble is chosen by architects and designers to create refined furnishing elements that are elevated to real works of art, such as fireplaces, columns, sills, bathroom tops, kitchen tops, spheres, vases, and bathtubs. This precious marble is also available in the Nero Orobico open stain version.


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