Breccia Pontificia Marble Breccia Pontificia Marble Breccia Pontificia Marble Breccia Pontificia Marble

Breccia Pontificia Marble

A very fine red marble. Diaspro Rosso or Breccia Pontificia is a highly valuable Italian marble of Sicilian origin. The red marble par excellence, elegant and sumptuous, used for centuries to adorn cathedrals, religious buildings, and royal palaces. The peculiarity of Diaspro Rosso is the explosion of bright and vivid colors on its surface: red, ochre, brown, pink, and green merge together, creating a truly original whole. To further enrich this precious red marble are the white veins that run across the surface, giving greater prominence to the multitude of colors. It is a marble that lends itself to the creation of sophisticated and luxurious architectural projects where color becomes the undisputed protagonist of the space. This prestigious marble is also available in the open spot version.


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