Grigio Siena Marble Grigio Siena Marble Grigio Siena Marble Grigio Siena Marble

Grigio Siena Marble

A striking grey and yellow marble. Grigio Siena is one of the most well-known precious marbles in Italy. It is a precious Italian marble extracted from the mountains of Siena in the Tuscan countryside. Grigio Siena is recognizable for its light gray background crossed by veins and spots of considerable size that range from yellow to white to the typical color of Terra di Siena. This veined grey marble is commonly used for wall cladding, floors, and stairs, as well as sinks, bathroom countertops, kitchen countertops, and showers. It is also used as a marble for sculptural works. This precious marble is also available in the open stain version of Grigio Siena marble.