Striated Gray Onyx Striated Gray Onyx Striated Gray Onyx Striated Gray Onyx

Striated Gray Onyx

An exquisite grey onyx for modern furnishings. Onyx Grey is a natural stone of Asian origin. The characteristic of this onyx marble, technically called only onyx, is its stratified structure where gray and beige colors alternate with light nuances of white, steel gray, copper and cream. Striped gray onyx is widely used in modern design environments, in particular, it is used for interior cladding, bathroom countertops, sinks, bathtubs, tables, and furnishing accessories. The slabs have a standard thickness of 2 cm. This precious onyx is also available in the Onyx Gray Striped open stain version. The texture of the gray onyx varies depending on the cut, in this version it is sawn against the grain, while in the Onyx Cloudy Gray variant it is sawn along the grain.