A black arabesque marble

Black Orobico marble is an Italian marble quarried for more than a hundred years in the Bergamasque Alps in Northern Italy.

This prestigious marble belongs to the family of arabesque marbles.

It is a pastel black marble with different hues and veining in shades of dark and soft grey, creating a striking pattern.

Arabesque Black Orobico marble is easy to lay and is suitable for any use, from interior decoration to roofing, from cladding to flooring.

Since it is a polished marble, this black marble is chosen by architects and designers to create refined furnishings that rise to the level of true works of art. These include fireplaces, columns, window sills, bathroom and kitchen countertops, balls, vases, and bathtubs.

This fine marble is also available in the Black Orobico marble bookmatched version.

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