An exquisite orange onyx with warm veining

Egyptian Alabaster Onyx is an exquisite stone from Egypt.

A characteristic feature of this bright natural stone is its orange background embellished with yellow, gold, and white veins, which come together to create a very harmonious effect.

Since antiquity, this onyx marble, technically just onyx, has been used to make statues, architectural ornaments, decorative elements for religious buildings, flooring, and cladding.

Today, this orange onyx is used in both indoor and outdoor environments for a variety of applications.

The possibilities include cladding, flooring, stairs, ceilings, mosaics, and pool surrounds.

Egyptian Alabaster Onyx is mainly available in 2-cm-thick slabs.

This exquisite onyx is also available in the Egyptian Alabaster Onyx bookmatched version.

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