An exquisite blue quartzite with gold veining

Azul Boquira is a blue quartzite from South America.

This exquisite quartzite is characterized by a blue background decorated with elegant shades of blue and azure.

Azul Boquira is a quartzite with gold or beige veining due to the wide variety of minerals it contains.

It is very strong and resistant, making it ideal for interior environments.

But it is also recommended for outdoor environments and for use in flooring, cladding, stairs, tables, sinks, kitchen worktops, shower floors, and decoration.

Azul Boquira blue quartzite is mainly available in 2-cm-thick slabs.

This exquisite quartzite is also available in the Azul Boquira quartzite bookmatched version and the Azul Macaubas quartzite colour variation.

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